Lawn Program

The Greenleaf Lawn Program is designed to promote the healthy development of residential lawns and commercial turf. The high incidence of weeds, insects and disease pests affecting our lawns accompany the high rainfall and temperature conditions native to South Louisiana. The program we recommend for your lawn is noted below:

Six applications per year (approximately 6-8 weeks apart depending on weather)

Round 1: Pre- and post-broadleaf weed control
1 Early Spring Weed
Control Treatment

Applied during the last of the cool season, this treatment takes advantage of the slow growth responses of the lawn. Because of this, we can accomplish effective weed control for the spring and into early summer, both pre-emergence and post-emergence of broadleaf weeds.
Rounds 2-4 are granular fertilization/spot treating of weeds/insect
and disease as needed
2 Spring Fertilization
This application is specially formulated to meet the demanding nutritional requirements of lawns in the spring, promoting a vigorous and healthy lawn. It also includes spot treatment of insect and diseases.
3 Summer Fertilization
This application is similar to the spring application and features low-nitrogen fertilizer with high iron. It also includes spot treatment of insect and diseases.
4 Mid-Summer Fertilization
Higher temperatures offer an increase in the rate of turfgrass growth. A nutritional boost at this time maintains a healthy color and sustains turfgrass vigor. Spot treatment of insect and disease is also included.
Round 5 is pre-emerge weed control and disease control (brown patch)
5 Late-Summer Fertilization
This application is a pre- and post- emergence weed control with a fungicide to reduce effects of brown patch.
Round 6 is pre- and post-weed control
6 Fall Weed Control
& Winterizer Treatment

Liquid Application)
This application contains the nutrients necessary to minimize the effects of cold weather, enabling us to control weeds more effectively. Pre- and post-emergence weed control is also included.